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*Debut Novel

*Official Black Expressions Selection

*Nominated for 2 Lit Awards by SEVAA Arts

*Black Bookstores Bestseller


Meet Maya Hope. Double-dipped in cocoa with brick-house curves, she's a lover of jazz, a political poet, and a sociologist. Her best friend and roommate, Athena Jackson, is her opposite in every way- a petite ex-cheerleader who's always blaring rap, grinding out rhymes, and ready to take the next man home. When Maya is forced to pinch-hit in an audition and bust Athena's rhymes, she finds herself on an undercover escapade in the wild world of hip-hop as the raw, sexy, roughneck Jezebel. After striking a deal with her own personal devil, Maya sets off on the tempting roller-coaster ride of a lifetime -- finding music, more fun than she's ever had, and even a man or two...but not without Faustian consequences.
An off the hook cast of colorful characters includes Lucy, the diva deluxe brand-addicted publicist from hell; Shell the Boy Wonder, wunderkind entrepreneurial label mogul party boy and Thug, the gritty handsome hardcore rapper with something to prove. Dare is an unforgettable, envelope-pushing odyssey of two gutsy women playing by their own rules.

dare to get a life 
dare to live
dare to laugh 
dare to love
dare to be b.a.d.
beautiful and daring 
it's a revolution 

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PROLOGUE: Mays is madly in love.

CHAPTER 1: Maya busts her fiance cheating at his bachelor party the night before the wedding. Now what?

                           The Tiara Test

"Abiola Abrams' first novel, Dare, is a Faustian tale set in the world of hip hop. Abrams has a keen ear for dialogue, and though almost outrageous at times, her characters are believable and often fascinating. Dare may end up in several nooks of your bookstore, filed under "chick lit," "African American literature," or even in the burgeoning "street lit" genre. Don't be fooled by the labels, this is a promising and enjoyable debut."  -DAVID GUTOWSKI, Large Hearted Boy


"Abiola Abrams' debut is like a breath of fresh air for young fiction and the depiction of women in hip hop. Finally, the world will see the conflicted struggles of ladies in the rap biz in a way that women in hip hop have known and understood for years." -RAQIYAH MAYS, Writer/Radio Personality on Hot 97 & 98.7 Kiss FM 


"Abiola Abrams does a wonderful job of portraying the behind the scenes world of hip-hop between the pages of Dare. With unforgettable characters and non-stop drama, Dare is an easy and fun read." SHELIA GOSS, Essence Magazine Bestselling Author 


"From the very first page this was a wonderfully unique read. Maya and Athena, and the world they inhabit, jump off the page. I loved the details Ms. Abrams used in describing the making of a star and the publicity spins involved. I enjoyed the multi- dimensional portrayal of gangsta rapper Thug. Ms. Abrams puts a very human face on a world that is frequently seen as only glitz, glamor and violence." -COFFEE TIME ROMANCE


"DARE takes chick lit to another level. Without a doubt, all the fun and fantasy is still there, but Abiola Abrams serves them up with a healthy serving of smarts and spirituality. Her debut novel, at once, gives us what we love about this genre, yet breaks new -- and deeper -- ground." - SOFIA QUINTERO AKA BLACK ARTEMIS, author & activist


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CHECK OUT Abiola at Rachel Kramer Bussel's In The Flesh Reading Erotica series. Dare isn't erotica, but it was fun to participate! 

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