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Abiola Abrams, Media Personality

Media Personality and Author, Love, Sex, Inspiration

Abiola Abrams, Media Personality and Author, Love, Sex, Inspiration

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Abiola Abrams, Media Personality

Abiola Abrams, Media Personality

Love, Sex, Dating, Lifestyle Advice Blog & Web TV Show


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Once upon a fabulous time, unofficially speaking, author & TV personality Abiola Abrams was raised Guyanese royalty in a gorgeous suburban ghetto of New York City. appropriately called "Queens County." She then spent her childhood being bullied and teased mercilessly for being foreign and geeky by people who now wanna be her facebook friends. Abiola's parents attempted to have her declared a child genius. The nice men at the university said, Look Mr. and Mrs. Abrams, your kid is a smarty pants but she ain't no genius. And they referred her to a fancy schmantzy nose-in-the-air all girls prep school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. This was a great plan as these kids were much more sophistocated bullies.

Abiola was shocked to discover that with an ivy league journalist dad and a mom who quoted Shakespeare for fun, she was still too poor to really socialize with her classmates She was curry and roti; they were caviar and roe. She was double dutch; they were polo. This became clear when a blonde kid pointed her My Lil Pony at Abiola in Dagostino's and yelled, Look Mommy, a baby nanny!

And then Eureka - Ed Lover let Abiola get on the mic at a block party and she created a girl power teen hip hop group called Females Beyond Control, much to the dismay of her headmistress and the two other black kids in the school. Abiola balanced her wanna be Salt N Pepa moves with teen theater, writing groups and pageants. She quickly saw the goddess game for what it was and declared at age 15 that she was going to make movies like Spike Lee, run her mouth like Oprah Winfrey, write books like Jane Austen and say/be/do whatever she wanted just like Madonna.

After snagging an undergrad degree from Sarah Lawrence College and a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts, Abiola followed her yellow bricked road rocking out as a full sized action figure on some days, wayward goddess superhero on other days. Her mission is to use pop culture to empower and entertain. She is now a writer, filmmaker and TV personality living in solo sin in Harlem with her beloved Anabelle Kitty Kat. Abiola's famous apartment The Goddess Factory was even written up in The Village Voice.

These are her chronicles: Abiola is a TV Correspondent who has hosted shows for BET, NBC and HBO in addition to appearing on FOX. Dare is her first novel, and her films  range from Knives in My Throat about  mental illness and Afrodite Superstar about sexuality. She has hosted shows for BET, HBO and NBC and is also a host-producer of "Abiola's Kiss & Tell TV." Her  personal blog is The Passionista Playbook

The bastard child of Sex and The City's Carrie Bradshaw, Oprah Winfrey, and Rick James, check out Abiola Abrams' weekly sex and relationships column on Yahoo Shine.

Abiola Abrams, Interntaional Playgirl

Abiola Abrams, Goddess Passionista

Self Esteem Coach & Love Columnist, Abiola Abrams